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"Syd is an absolutely fantastic guitar tutor.   Syd was recommended to me by a friend in early 2011.  

He is extremely friendly, a great laugh and a great mate and not to mention he has the patience of a Saint!  

Without question he is the BEST guitar tutor in the North East.   There has been many times I have needed

a guitar altered or the floating tremolo on my Ibanez reset and Syd has always sorted it.

Would highly recommend for anyone wanting to start learning to play guitar or further improve their guitar playing"..........Liam Scullion - Guitar.


"Syd is teaching my Grandson, I really can't recommend him highly enough"..........Michael Harte - Guitar.


"I cannot recommend Syd enough, not only is he an amazing guitarist he is a fantastic teacher, he is currently teaching my 14 year old daughter, always makes lessons interesting for her and is always very professional. Learn from the best !!  He’s so so talented, and a really nice guy..........Sharon Lemon.


"Top teacher, highly recommended"..........Lee Wright - Guitar.


"For the very best in all round music lessons give Syd a call no matter who your favourite guitarist is he will show you how to play along with them you won’t be disappointed plus he’s a nice bloke..........George Dorward - Guitar.


"Hi Syd! It's been a couple of years now since you taught me guitar, and it's honestly the best decision I've ever made. Even though I never fully completed the course with you I've came a long way since (although I've never been able to master Coney Island ahaha) and it has all been down to you. You taught me to always be humble in my guitar playing and I've always honoured that. I've just started university in Sheffield and have just formed my first band. Also, my guitar is named Sydney after you and all my friends know it's name 😄 I could never thank you enough for teaching me guitar, because you are seriously far more than a guitar teacher I wish you all the best, you're more than just a guitar teacher!  Top bloke and fantastic life coach.  The man's a miracle worker"..........Philip Graham - Guitar.


"Syd's the man to go to if you seriously want to learn guitar.  He has an excellent approach to making learning enjoyable"..........Ken Hall - Guitar.


"Syd is a fantastic teacher, amazing guitar player and all round lovely bloke.  He's got time for everyone and so much patience.  I took up guitar again recently and thought I'd give him a call to see if he still did guitar lessons and I have learned so much, so many skills and techniques, learned to play things I'd never have thought about playing and techniques I didn't even know about like Hybrid picking, which is one of my favourites.  As well as teaching me all of this he helped me sort out the dead frets on my guitar and talked to me and explained what to do when the time comes to change the strings on my new Ibanez, and to just give him a ring if I ever need help with anything.  I'd recommend Syd totally and completely, he's just such a fantastic teacher, I come away feeling positive and encouraged from every lesson and I hope to be coming back to learn more about the guitar and more terchniques in the future.  He's more than just a guitar teacher, I feel like I've gained a great friend"..........Jennifer Lamb - Guitar.


"Occasionally, you meet people like Syd, and you know you have!"..........Brian Todd - Guitar.


"Highly recommended whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced..........Daniel Henry Jackson - Guitar & Bass.


"Brilliant and very friendly, someone I have no hesitation to highly recommend"..........Robert Walker - Guitar.


"Excellent Guitar Tutor, highly recommended.  Our son has came a long way under Syd's tuition".........Morag Marriot.


"5 Stars"..........Sean Wright - Guitar.


"I've had guitars and self taught myself for around 30 years and I have learnt more in the last 7 weeks with Syd.  In addition to being a superb tutor, Syd is also a genuinely nice guy with great craic but crap taste in football teams"..........Rob Mackins - Guitar.


"It will not be an easy task to find a better tutor than this guy"..........Chris MacDougall - Guitar.


"Excellent teacher, would recommend to anyone wanting to or already playing guitar"...........David Cuniff - Guitar.


"If Clapton is god....Syd's his dad"..........Stuart Nagoose - Guitar.


"Alrite let's keep the positive energy i am incredibly thankful that i met this guy, mr. Syd Wood.. about 10 years ago i was a very mediocre n frustrated wannabe guitarist who hadn't played in a few yrs...(sounds kinda familiar eh?😮) but in my defence i was a new parent, job, wife that kinda wasn't jus laziness bk thn 😅 so anyhoo i decided i wud start playin again n take a few lessons...i had a coupla other guitar tutors in th past but i was never able to absorb the information they were tryin to giv me...not that they were bad teachers necessarily i was probably just a bad student...was always stoned n daydreaming about being Jimi Hendrix 😂😂 but Syd REALLY got the point across to me.. I think i took about 20/25 lessons or so with him over the course of about a year or 2 off n on...i was a better player after just 1 lesson with him than i was in 10 years of playing prior to that...after 10 lessons with him i was starting to really understand how the instrument works n my confidence was growing with my abilities.... n then he politely told me to go away for a while n absorb the information he had gave to me coz he didn't want to take my money for lessons week after week for nothing...he wanted me to understand wot we had capable of applying on it...n then come bk...his mission was to make me a better guitar player not to jus get paid...actually money was not important to him at all...he was always willing to throw me a free lesson or 2 in my "down time" (revision session we can call it) or willing to giv me sum pointers over th phone if i was struggling with anything from our sessions...i cud play songs by ear wen i met syd and looked like i knew wot i was doing to the untrained I dunno.. but i was certainly not a "real guitarist/musician" by any stretch of the imagination...i was just a blagger...but syd fixed not sayin am prince or anything now but that's due to my laziness n more to th point i do know my way around a guitar now n that is all thanks to Syd...not going into the technicalities of it all but he showed me wot i needed to know n installed the confidence in me to make me believe i was more than capable of achieving my goals...he is a top bloke, a masterful musician, a scary guitarist n quite possibly the best guitar tutor on the planet (any aspiring guitarists in the shields area visit Syd, its the right decision I assure you 👌) i can't sing this guys praises high enuf, he's a true hero to me still to this day (not all ur hero's gotta be on tv u know😜) if i cud be even half the guitar player syd is I wud be twice the player most today i am incredibly grateful that i can call this man a mentor and a friend 🎸🎶😎👍👌🎶🎸🎶"Syd is by a mile the best guitar teacher in the North East, an amazing player and a really nice guy"..........Reef Karma - Guitar.


"Brilliant guitar teacher, nothing was ever too much for him.  Has the patience of a saint.  Very, very friendly atmosphere and my guitar was set up and restrung free of charge.  Couldn't ask for more and would recommend to anyone.  A truely amazing guitar player himself"..........Mark Gateshill - Guitar.


"Five stars, Great guitar teacher and top bloke, best around"..........David A Graham - Guitar.


"Best Pro guitar tutor on the planet, a great guitarist in his own right, and a canny lad to boot!"..........Derek Cajiao - Guitar.


"Amazing guitar player, must listen to Syd's work, you will be blown away"..........Angela Addison Young.


"During the time I've been playing under Syd I've not only gained massively in my playing ability, but I also feel I've gained a friend.  

Syd's broad knowledge, great skill, awesome lesson material and patient teaching style ensures any guitarist can reach their goals quicker than they thought possible!"..........David Bulley - Guitar.


"I started to learn to play the guitar nearly 20 years ago and switched to Bass.  I always wanted to go back to guitar and then by chance found Syd after he set up a Bass for me.  Syd is everything you could want in a teacher, patient, sociable, informative, knowledgeable, good listener, good sense of humour - the list could go on!  Syd's lessons are packed with information and tips that will inspire guitar players who are just starting out  to the more advanced players.  He has a natural way of explaining guitar theory which can be hard to grasp for students (me included) at times.  

If you want to learn guitar and become a better player, book some lessons with Syd, you won't be disappointed.  He is both an amazing guitar player and an insirational teacher which is hard to find".......... Paul Haustead - Guitar.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


"I started learning the guitar with Syd a few years ago now .  Back then I had no idea how far I was going to take it.  I wanted to play a few songs,  within one ten week block of lessons I had already learnt what I wanted to play however, in this block of lessons I was introduced to a wide range of rhythm sequences, finger picking, lead and scales.  From then my taste in music was so much more vast and my hunger to learn only grew more and more.  Now I am at the stage where I am composing my own songs.  Only with Syd's help could this have been possible.  He broke everything down so I understood it fully and clearly.  He has a very professional attitude and a very professional illustration in every lesson.  But the best thing I gained in this wasn't just how to play the guitar, but to understand that music isn't just a sound, but an international language that speaks louder than words.  I cannot thank Syd enough for taking me to where I am today.  A fantastic teacher but just as important, a fantastic friend.  Thank you Syd!"..........Jordan Coates - Guitar.


"Hey, can recommend this guy, really good at what he does and a really nice fella"..........Alison Finknot - Guitar.


"Not knowing anything about guitars I enrolled with Syd and after 5 x 1 hour lessons I have now played my first tune, one of the Shadows hits.  I am not a young kid but a pensioner who has taken this up as a hobby.  I didn't think it was possible.  This is all down to the professional manner in which I am being taught.  Many thanks Syd.  I am looking forward to a long and happy relationship with you"..........Tom Leonard - Guitar.


"Syd is a great teacher.  The lessons are clearly presented and well suited for my level, difficult enough to push me to the next level but not so hard that I can't accomplish them if I put in the time and effort and there is always plenty of material to keep me busy between lessons.  The CD's are especially helpful as it is like taking him home with me to practice - I can hear axactly how it is supposed to sound.  Because of Syd, I have not only become a better basist but also a better musician.  Plus he's just good fun to be around!"..........Sara Eckert - Bass Guitar.


"Over the past year I have been fortunate enough to attend guitar lessons with Mr. Syd Wood and have to say the quality of each lesson with regard to all aspects of guitar playing really is of the highest order.  I really believe this is testament to Syd's enthusiasm and knowledge of guitar playing and his unwavering encouragement and belief in each individual student.  I personally feel that my playing has reached levels I never thought possible and for this, along with Syd's continued support, I'm eternally grateful"..........Andrew Donaldson - Guitar.  


"Syd Wood is not only an exceptional guitarist, he is an exceptional tutor.  Due to his understanding of the instrument he is able to break down the most complex techniques and concepts (one's you could never imagine grasping) making them more manageable.  After a short while, you really start to surprise yourself!  Syd really takes the time to find out where you are with regards to your playing and finds the perfect level of challenge! priceless!"..........John Page - Guitar.


"I am 42 years of age and have dabbled with the guitar since my school days.  I had attended two courses at my local college (both of which I found very disappointing) before Syd was recommended to me.  After only 10 lessons with Syd I had learned far more than the sixty lessons I had attended at the college and my ability just seemed to take off in such a short period!  I really can't recommend him highly enough and furthermore, he is not only a great teacher with plenty patience, he's an amazing guitar player, I kid you not"..........Sean - Guitar.


"Five stars!"..........Ste Caddy - Guitar.


"During my lessons with Syd my guitar knowledge and technique dramatically increased in such a short time.  The lessons are well devised and broken down into simple but very effective segments that covered many aspects of playing.  Syd always encouraged without sounding condescending and was always just a phone call away if I needed advice.

I would, and have, recommended Sydney Wood to all that I hear are interested in learning the guitar"..........Glen Holmstrom - Guitar. 


"I studied with Syd a couple of years ago when I was younger and he really totally changed my outlook on the guitar.  His guitar playing is brilliant and he inspired me to become a guitar teacher myself (which I now am).  He is a brilliant teacher and the number one in the South Shields area.  If you are looking for a teacher in this area, go to Syd"..........Tim Bloomer - Guitar.


"I was actually very lucky to find out about Syd when I was declined guitar lessons from a tutor at my school.  I've been going to Syd for about 5 or six years now and I have loved every second!  He is an outstanding musician and teaches not only one style of guitar but all sytles.  But not only that, the bond he has with his students is great.  I highly recommend Syd as a guitar tutor"..........Adam Ball - Guitar.


"For the four years I was a student of Syd's I found myself progressing and looking forward to his lessons.  Learning great exercises for general guitar technique and learning pieces that incorporated techniques such as finger styles and thumb picking, it's fair to say that my ability to play the guitar has rocketed.  Syd is a true admirer of music and the lessons he teaches, so long as you yourself are a determined individual, he will get you to where you want to be in your guitar playing journey, whether you be a rock player or a hardcore jazzer.  The skills you learn will apply to all styles and genres and you will not be disappointed with what you learn.  Syd has a lot of fun in his lessons and understands the balance of hard work and enjoyment.  Show that you are a hardworking student and you will be given all of the encouragement and support you will need to become a great musician"..........Dean Clark - Guitar.


"I've been studying under Syd now for two years.  He's a great teacher - able to get ideas across easily and succinctly.  

Can't recommend him highly enough!"..........Dave Foster - Guitar.


"Syd is a remarkable instructor whom has helpful suggestions to progress both your own taste and style of playing as well as conventional techniques.  Whilst I myself have not payed for a lesson but had met and experienced instruction from Syd, the time spent was far more productive than any lessons I had previously attended/paid for.  I definitely encourage anyone who wishes to further their musical knowledge and would like to improve their guitar/bass/ technique to take up this opportunity.  I would happily have paid for continuous lessons with Syd, if only I'd the time to commit to it - prior engagements and study denied me the free time to do so, furthermore, I didn't have the money to attend the lessons (bearing in mind it is still very reasonably priced!) as I had no income.  So for anyone who does have the money to spend (And the ambition to not only succeed career wise but in terms of talent too!) seriously, JUMP AT THIS CHANCE!  I highly recommend Syd as a guitar tutor and after just one lesson I'm confident you'll have as much faith in his skill and tuition as I have"..........Christopher Paul Greaves - Guitar.


"Syd is basically an exceptional music tutor.  He is a friendly, sociable guy who will go out of his way to help get you through some of the frustrating times we all experience while learning to play an instrument.  His lessons are packed with easy to follow informative content, and you always come away with a hard copy of the lesson which is set out in an easy to understand manner.  Syd is genuinely interested in your improvement as a musician, and will strive to point you in the right direction, all he asks is you put in the effort.  I can't recommend him enough.  I personally spent many years messing around and not learning anything thoroughly, I only wish I had met Syd years ago, he provided me with a personal lesson plan to suit my individual needs and showed me how to practice constructively.  Many thanks Syd"..........John Melia - Guitar.


"Although many may think I am being rather generous giving Syd all fives, I personally could not give him anything less than full marks.  I have been playing bass for three years (I count the time I had my first lesson with Syd) and wish that I had done this years ago.  I have never met a teacher who can see no bad in anyone and can bring anyone to their full potential.  Syd puts his heart and soul into teaching and it shows in all of his students unlike some teachers who will happily take a students money and make a student believe they are good.  Syd will turn down business if he believes a student is not practicing which is an honesty that is hard to find in tutors.  I applaud Syd for his honesty and hard work with me, I know that when I started I wasn't the ideal pupil but through him I have become a better person as well as a well trained musician.  I would recommend Syd to anyone who is a beginner and wanting to learn, or an experienced musician who is wanting to better themselves"..........Liam Suggitt - Bass Guitar.