Syd Wood Guitar Tuition.


The Workshops listed below last for approx. 90 minutes with all relevant printed literature, diagrams etc. provided for each individual student.  To book a workshop for your club, community centre or venue of your choice simply telephone to arrange venue, date, time and number of people attending.

 (minimum attendance of 10 to a maximum of 15).

#1 - First chords & rhythms.

#2 - Finger picking for beginners.

#3 - Lead guitar for beginners.

#4 - Bass guitar for beginners.

#5 - Progressive techniques for electric & acoustic guitar.

#6 - Scales & Modes.

#7 - The Blues - Guitar.

#8 - The Blues - Bass.

#9 - Song composition.

#10 - How to set up an Electric Guitar.

Professional Guitar Tuition

            All Levels - All Styles.

Also available periodically throughout the year are a limited number of free workshops offered to the general public on a first come first served basis.  The free workshops are listed below.

FREE WORKSHOP #1 = First Chords & Rhythms.

FREE WORKSHOP #2 = Finger Picking for beginners.